Umpqua - THE DOUBLE WIDE Fly Box

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A trailer full of your biggest & nastiest flies!

Designed with loads of headroom—two deep sides to handle big and bulky bass bugs/poppers or saltwater streamers. Load up this trailer for a day on the ponds or a night at the surf.

• Maximum Headroom
- For Salt, Peacock & Bass Bugs
• Extra-Thick, Mega-Slit Foam
- Thicker Foam Secures Larger Baitfish
- Holes to Easily Guide Fly Placement
• See-Through Lids
• Lid Configuration: Deep/Deep
• Weatherproof
• Zerust® Corrosion Protection – No More Rusted Hooks


Foam & Size Configuration

Lids: Deep/Deep
Width: 4.5"
Height: 7.5"
Depth: 2.25"