Fly Fishing Lessons

Learn how to Fly Fish with Us!

The Fly Shop of Miami provides a number of specialized services, including fly fishing lessons and classes. We provide individual fly casting and fishing lessons by appointment. Dave Olson, our shop Manager, is the instructor. He is a world class fly caster, a Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Master Fly Casting Instructor and the winner of many fly casting competitions. Individual lessons are $75.00/hour, but if you buy a rod from the Shop, Dave will give you a free lesson.

We have also started a fly fishing school under Dave’s supervision and tutelage. Sessions and classes will be posted in our website and will also be announced via Fly Shop e-mail to enable you to sign up. In addition to Dave, instructors will include top names from the fly fishing community in Florida.

For additional information or to schedule individual instruction or classes, please contact Dave at the Fly Shop at 305.669.5851 or at 321.695.9522.


Fly Tying

The Fly Shop offers fly tying sessions and classes on a regular basis. Our schedule will appear on our website and will be announced via Fly Shop e-mail. We hope to hold sessions on a given weeknight and will provide refreshments to attendees. For more information call Luis Menocal at the Fly Shop (305.669.5851).